"So, I'm the APL. What do I do now?"

Congratulations on being chosen as the assistant patrol leader (APL) for your patrol! One of the more important jobs of this position is to plan the menu and shop for each outing. You should plan the menu with your patrol whenever possible, and then have the menu approved by the grubmaster.

The grubmaster will check the menu to see if you have followed the guidelines and taken into account any special requirements for the outing, e.g., if we are away from camp at meal time. The grubmaster will then give you a count of how many in your patrol will be going on the outing, and will give you enough money to shop for your supplies.

Each patrol has a cooler and dry goods box assigned to them for transporting the foodstuff. It is your responsibility to use these and to make sure that they stay clean. You should bring the menu, supplies, receipts, and change to the departure site, or arrange for someone else to do so if you are not attending the outing. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your patrol box is kept clean. You do not have to do the cleaning, or cooking, but you do have to insure that the jobs get done. See your junior assistant grubmaster or grubmaster if you need any help! We're here to help you eat well!

Duties and Guidelines

The APL will prepare the menu in consultation with his patrol. He will get it approved by the grubmaster before buying supplies. He does not have to cook all the meals. He can request volunteers, or he can assign meals to others as long as he informs the patrol leader (he makes the duty roster).

The APL is responsible for making sure that the food gets to the departure site, and that the patrol box, food box, and cooler are kept clean & neat. This applies whether or not he personally goes on the outing!

An Assistant Patrol Leader is

Trustworthy- He gets the food and menus to the campout.

Loyal- He puts his Patrol before friends.

Helpful- He trains other scouts to cook and shop.

Friendly- He welcomes guests to his Patrol's table.

Courteous- He uses good table manners to set an example.

Kind- He considers the likes and dislikes of his patrol when planning.

Obedient- He follows troop rules for shopping and cooking.

Cheerful- He isn't grumpy when making breakfast.

Thrifty- He uses coupons, sales, surplus and tax exempt status (below).

Brave- He will actually try the recipes provided here.

Clean- He makes sure the stove, pots, pans, and utensils are sanitized

Reverent- He remembers to have Grace (below) said before meals.

Menu Planning

Troop 23 has established the following guidelines for menu planning. The guidelines were selected to help scouts develop their cooking skills, to help them feel proud about their meals, to encourage healthy eating habits, and to stick to a budget.

Hot dogs and hamburgers are strongly discouraged. They will only be allowed if a special recipe or cooking technique is used. Soda/pop will only be allowed at one meal. The use of prepared foods are discouraged unless several items are combined to make one dish. Friday night's snack should be easy, Saturday night's snack should be cooked or more involved. Chips are expensive, so they should not be used too often.

Tax Exempt Letter

The state of Illinois extends exemptions from its sales tax to all scout councils and chartered units and in a revised procedure provides a single tax exempt number for claiming that exemption. The sales tax exemption number is E9982-8707-03. The previously required Sales Tax Exemption Letter is no longer required.

How Much do I Buy and Cook?

Each person in charge of the patrol's food will be given a count of how many people from their patrol will be attending the outing. This will determine how much to buy. The amount budgeted for each person for the entire weekend will determine how much can be spent for the patrol. The grubmaster will give you this money prior to the outing. You are encouraged to shop the sales, use coupons, buy generics, and use our tax-exempt status. You are expected to give the grubmaster your receipts and any change after you have shopped.

Nutrition Labels- These labels include the number of servings in a package. This is extremely useful to figure out how much to buy. For example, they indicate how many cookies are in a package, how many slices of bread are in a loaf, and how many slices of bacon are in a package

Salad Bar- A salad bar is available at most larger grocery stores. This provides an economical way to buy small quantities of fresh chopped vegetables such as lettuce, peppers, celery and onions.


Because Scouts are Reverent we say Grace before meals. Variations include:

Philmont Grace

For food, for raiment, for life, for opportunity, for friendship and fellowship we thank thee O Lord.

Wilderness Grace (Charles L. Sommers National High Adventure Base)

For food, for raiment, for life and opportunity, for sun and rain, for water and portage trails. for friendship and fellowship, we thank thee O Lord.

Sea Base Grace

Bless the creatures of the sea, bless this person I call me. Bless the keys you make so grand, bless the sun that warms the land. Bless the fellowship we feel, as we gather for this meal.

Kiddy Grace:

God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food, Amen.