What Is the Purpose of Advancement Training?

Our goal is to have more parents involved with Boy Scout Boards of Review (BOR), to distribute this important task more evenly amongst the parents of the Troop. We will provide the skills to parents so they may more effectively and confidently conduct Boy Scout Boards of review.

Who can participate on a Boy Scout BOR?

The board of review is made up of at least three and not more than six members of the Troop Committee. One of the members serves as chairman, usually the Advancement Chair or any other committee member appointed by the Advancement Chair.

However, no Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster may serve on any BOR, also none of the Scout's relatives or guardians may serve as members on his BOR.

The Purpose of the BOR:

Members of the BOR should have the following objectives in mind when they conduct the review:

  • The Boy Scout is nervous. We need to make him feel comfortable during his BOR. Smile and relax. (Icebreaker)
  • To make sure the Boy Scout has done what he was supposed to do for the rank. (Scoutcraft)
  • To see how the Boy Scout feels about his scouting experience within his unit. (Feedback)
  • To encourage the Scout to advance further. (Scout Spirit)