Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really have to wear my uniform to every meeting?

Yes. Your scout uniform is like your sports team uniform--it helps show team spirit. Check out the Uniforms page for more info.

2. Do I really have to wear my uniform when we are traveling to/from an outing?

Yes. Uniforms help identify us as Boyscouts while traveling. But you do not need to wear your neckerchief and slide (they tend to get lost). Check out the Uniforms page for more info.

3. When I crossed over from Webelos I received some stuff for my Troop 23 uniform--do I pay for that?

Yes. The Troop may provide Boyscout epaulets and a neckerchief during your crossing over ceremony as a quick start to your Troop experience but you are expected to pay for those items during first year registration. Check out the Uniforms page for more info.

4. Is Summer Camp required?

No, but many scouts find that they can earn a lot of merit badges in a short amount of time. Plus, it's a LOT of fun! Check out the Summer Camp page for more info.

5. Do I have to sell wreaths / popcorn?

No, instead of selling stuff for fundraising you can just write a check--but part of scouting is friendly service and showing scout spirit. It is not that difficult to meet the minimum sales requirement and many scouts like earning bonus Scout Bucks. See the Fundraising page for more info.

6. Is our Troop Co-ed/are there girls registered in the Troop?

No, not at this time.

7. How does the Troop fit into the larger BSA organization?

Troop 23 is part of Blackhawk-12 District, one of 16 districts in the Pathway to Adventure Council 456 (PTAC). An overview map may be found here.

8. I am not a good cook--am I going to starve on an outing?

No one has starved on an outing yet! Learning to cook outdoors is a critical scout skill, and everyone will have a turn following a recipe and cooking for his patrol. If you are not too sure about cooking, try practicing at home. There are lots of easy recipes to choose from. See Recipies for more info.