The Troop is organized as follows:

  1. Troop Committee - all Scout parents, registered adults and Troop 23 Alumni who set policy for the Troop and “whose main job is to back up the Scoutmaster and help him run a good troop.” The Committee Chair relies on subcommittees to evaluate issues and make recommendations.
  2. Youth Leadership - assist the Scoutmaster with the Troop.
  3. Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) includes the Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders of the Troop and others invited by the Scoutmaster.
  4. The Patrols.


  • SENIOR PATROL LEADERS (SPLs): Assists the Scoutmaster in planning & running all scout activities. He is the chairman of the Patrol Leaders Council and is in charge of all Troop officers
  • ASSISTANT SENIOR PATROL LEADERS (ASPLs): Acts as the Senior Patrol Leader in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader or when called upon. He helps the Senior Patrol Leader at meetings & outings.
  • PATROL LEADERS (PL): Leads the patrol at all meetings, outings & Courts of Honor. He is responsible for his patrol & equipment. He helps train patrol members in scout skills
  • ASSISTANT SENIOR PATROL LEADERS (APLs): Helps the Patrol Leader at meetings & outings. He acts as the patrol grubmaster for campouts. He is responsible for the patrol menu and food purchases or arranges for another patrol member to take over.
  • CHAPLAIN'S AIDE: Works with the Troop chaplain to meet the religious needs of the Troop. He works to promote the religious emblems program.
  • HISTORIAN: Works directly with the adult Troop Historian. He is responsible for taking photos at all major Troop functions.
  • QUARTERMASTER: Responsible for keeping track of the Troop equipment and seeing that it is in working condition.
  • ORDER OF THE ARROW REPRESENTATIVE: Serves as a communication link between the lodge or chapter and the troop