Summer Camp: Napowan 2021

Week I: June 20 - 26

You can download the summer camp packet with more detailed information by clicking below

2020 Summer Camp Packet

Campership Application

Need assistance? A Campership by the council or Troop23 can help.

Council awarded campership deadline is April 15, 2021. They notify you directly if your scout is awarded one.

Merit Badge Sign-up

Please use this form.

Forms due

All medical forms, permission slips and code of conduct forms due by Tuesday June 1, 2021. PLEASE REMEMBER, without these forms, scouts CANNOT attend summer camp.

Pack-the-trailer: See Below

We pack the trailer on Saturday 6/19/2021 at 9am .

We depart for Summer Camp Sunday 6/20/2021. Details to follow.

Troop 23 Camp Napowan Vaccination info / Trailer Packing

Are you vaccinated ?

If NO, Napowan is asking that you quarantine as much as possible and be as careful as possible 10 days prior to camp.

If YES, please have a copy of the vaccination card. Vaccination is not required to attend summer camp, only encouraged if possible. Full vaccination is considered 2 weeks after the 2nd shot or 1st shot for adults who received J&J

Please have a copy of the vaccination card if you are fully vaccinated

Vaccination status can be verified by the acting scoutmaster upon arrival, and will be used in the event of contact tracing should an exposure occur. If no vaccination copy for Covid -19 is given, the scoutmaster will presume they are unvaccinated. Please have it by “Pack the trailer “ or you can drop at 420 N Fairview to be put with the physical. SW corner of Fairview and Memory.

Vaccinated persons : Do not need to wear masks during summer camp once they are two weeks post their 2nd shot.

Unvaccinated persons : must wear masks indoors at all times, and outdoors when in close contact with others or attending large group gatherings.

Pre-Departure health screening


*Bring sleeping bags and clothes to go in trailer. See troop website on what to pack. Scouts will be given their 2021 shirt.

On Sunday morning, they will travel to camp in their troop camp shirt and their Swimming trucks.

Packing list:

*Prescription medication must be brought in the prescription bottles on “Pack the trailer day”. You may send just a week supply. However, camp does require that it be in the original labeled bottle. Please make sure the bottle is no older than one year if it is a prescription and not expired if it is an over the counter medication.

*Please be certain that inhalers are not expired

*Spending cash : We recommend you send (20) $1 dollar bills. Scouts with shooting sports may spend more and if no shooting sports, they may spend less & will be returned. They also may spend less if you are purchasing the Nap-sack found on the pathway to adventure website. Pathway to Adventure Council - Nap-Sack Care Package

We prefer $1 bills so they don’t spend all their money the first two days. Also, on occasion, we will see money dropped along the trail. An adult will be banker and pass out money on a daily basis in the morning according to what they are going to use that day.

Any questions, please contact

All Scouts & Adults can use the Annual BSA Health and Medical Record form. Please don't wait until the last minute to make your doctors appointment!!

Camp Napowan is nestled between two beautiful lakes in the pine woods of Central Wisconsin and is one of the most exemplary summer camps in the Midwest. For over 65 years, Napowan has provided hands-on outdoor education and fun for Scouts from across the country.

Napowan offers pavilion dining to its campers, where Scouts have a special opportunity to get to know Napowan camp staff and be entertained with song and merriment. This also allows more time for Scouts to pursue their interests without having to deal with meal preparation.

Camp Napowan provides many unique opportunities for Scouts in all of the program areas offered. Traditional Aquatics, Shooting Sports, Nature, Handicraft and Scoutcraft take on new meaning when participating in the camp's exciting and focused programs. There is something at camp for Scouts of all ages.

Join us at Camp Napowan for a truly exciting adventure of a lifetime.